IP-PBX Software

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IP-PBX Software
Flexible and ir centralized business communication platform

Software FutureVoice is a business communication platform based on the technology of IP telephony. It helps businesses to generate added value and to automate and evaluate the processes of voice communication and customer service as well as processes related to the activity of call centers and radio stations.

FutureVoice solutions enable the integration of third-party IT systems, video conference calls, consumer management databases (Active Directory/LDAP) as well as systems of customer service (CRM) and business processes (ERP). Calls can be recorded and their records are easily managed.

FutureVoice is highly flexible and is provided as ready-to-use active equipment or a virtual solution. It is possible to automate repetitive business processes: call traffic can be forwarded as necessary and, if there is a need to provide clients with important and relevant information or to conduct a survey/market research, client calls can be placed automatically.

is a flexible and centralized communication platform for your business.

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    FutureVoice onCallCentre

    The product helps to track and evaluate the activity of employees - their productivity can be measured according to the number of calls, their duration, the speed of answer and the number of missed calls.

    Key functionalities

    • Detailed reports on incoming and outgoing calls.
    • A possibility to track each employee's activity in real time.
    • An option to replay call records.
    • A possibility to fully integrate with CRM/ERP systems.
    • Units in different locations can be connected to one system.

    Software that is easy to install and update

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    How does FutureVoice on CallCenter work?

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    FutureVoice onAir

    It is a modern solution that helps the DJ to communicate with audience, manage calls that are broadcasted on air and to organize games and quizzes.

    Radio stations that employ this system can be sure of the following:


    • Listeners that use inappropriate language will never go on air.
    • Persistent “trophy hunters” will be eliminated.
    • DJs will be able to easily choose the call to answer or the listener to be called.
    • Reward system will be managed effectively and with transparency.
    • Our experts will give professional advice and provide services of product assistance and support.

    Key functionalities

    • A database that stores the call and phone number of every caller as well as rewards and the DJ's comments about a listener.
    • A possibility to block unwanted calls (a “blacklist” of callers).
    • Fully compatible with the radio station's equipment.
    • An option to export data in MS Excel format and use it in direct marketing.
    • An ability to call with just a push of a button.
    • Rewards database that stores information of remaining rewards and the rewards that were received and shipped.
    • An option to adjust the system according to specific needs of the radio station.
    • Radio programs can be prepared on tablet computers outside of the studio.
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    How does FutureVoice onAir work?

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    FutureVoice onRadio ™

    Monitoring of radio talks

    The main function of FutureVoice onRadio ® is radio talk recording.  The system is designed for security, logistics companies, special and other services that use radio communications.

    FutureVoice onRadio ® features:

    • Records of all conversations through radio stations.
    • Conversation archiving and sorting by date and time.
    • All conversations are easily managed through a unified system; can be re-listened to verify important information, when necessary.
    • Our specialists will provide expert advice and product support as well as maintenance services.